Sheep & Goat


Faecal egg counts

To help make the decision whether to drench or not, faecal egg counting is a valuable tool. We outsource most of our sampling to a parasitologist, and provide interpretation of the results.

Drench resistance trials

Drench resistance is common in the Central West, and so a drench resistance trial carried-out on your flock will provide you with the information to select effective drenches. Using a drench that has low efficacy will further select for resistant worms, and will amount to a significant cost in; production losses and contaminated pastures.

We can carry out a trial to assess which drenches will be effective on your property, and discuss drench rotation and parasite management.

Semen testing rams (& bucks)

Rams that are run as single sires, or rams that you are suspicious of their fertility can be tested at a base rate of $60 per ram. We can also test sale rams. Semen is assessed microscopically directly after collection, and can also be sent to a semen morphologist for further examination on request.

Ram vasectomy/ Teaser wether

Vasectomy is performed on rams or alternatively we can set up wethers to be used pre-joining.

Disease investigation

All forms of disease outbreak investigation and prevention. Autopsies can be performed either at the clinic or on-farm.


Lambings/kiddings, delivery by caesarean section, and any other manner of reproductive complications.

Ovine Brucellosis

Brucellosis is still very much a problem in our area. Poor scanning percentages and suspicious testicular lesions should be investigated. This is carried out with an inexpensive blood test. We can provide advice on management of this disease, and oversee an eradication program.

We are also able to accredit stud flocks as Brucellosis-free.

Feedlot advice

We offer advice on the animal health aspects of lamb-feed lotting, including supply of Eskalin® to prevent acidosis.


We recommend the use of Tri-Solfen pain relief at mulesing. Tri-Solfen provides rapid pain relief for atleast 24 hours, reduces bleeding, and improves wound healing resulting in reduced lamb losses. We supply Tri-Solfen at very competitive prices.


We are AQIS accredited veterinarians to oversee the export of Australian livestock.