Disease Investigations: We are expertly equipped to investigate, diagnose, treat and control piggery disease outbreaks.

Autopsies: Autopsies can be done at the Forbes clinic or on farm to establish a definite diagnosis.

Lab Diagnostics: We have access to pig specific diagnostic labs for more complete answers.

Health: We routinely provide expert advice on disease prevention and good health for piggeries.

Farm Visits: Routine piggery farm visits allow us to monitor health, reproduction, management, procedures and welfare. These should be done at least annually.

Vaccines: Our clinic supplies all piggery vaccines including autogenous vaccines and custom Ecoli probiotics at competitive prices.

Vasectomised Teaser Boars: We routinely perform vasectomies on boars for our piggery clients. The use of vasectomised boars to tease and serve gilts improves farrowing rates and litter size at the subsequent true mating.

Supplies: Lachlan Valley Vets supply all piggery health products at competitive prices.