We are pleased to offer these services to the cattle industry:

Pregnancy testing

  • Manual testing  and ultrasound with the advanced Reproscan system
  • Accredited sale tags
  • Age pregnancies accurately for AI programs & heifer calvings
  • Feetlot entry and induced aborts

Bull testing

  • Breeding and structural soundness as well as electroejaculate semen test of bulls for sale and prejoining
  • Serving ability testing of bulls with induced oestrous cows

AI programs

  • Synchronised AI programs and second round AI with fresh or frozen semen

BJD accreditation

  • Initial and maintenance accreditation.

Live export accredited

  • All our vets are accredited for livestockl export

Pestivirus consultation

  • Monitoring Pestivirus immune status of heifers for appropriate risk management before joining

Lameness and foot trimming bulls


  • Calvings, caesareans and prolapses

Annual farm health plan

  • Review and set the annual farm veterinary health plan to reduce risk and increase productivity

Reproduction and disease problem investigation

  • Investigate reproduction and disease problems and help with treatments and prevention

Faecal egg counts and parasite monitoring

  • Worm resistance to common cattle drenches in on the increase. We can check for worms and drench effectivness to give you better control over parasites